What is AlloDerm®?

AlloDerm® is a regenerative material that we use to treat receding gum lines. As the body’s natural healing process takes over, your own cells transform AlloDerm® into healthy gum tissue. Once recovery is complete, you will not be able to tell the AlloDerm® was ever there. Please visit our results page to see the beautiful outcomes we routinely get in our office. helps transform your own cells into healthy living gum tissue. The recovery is fast with little potential for surgical complications or discomfort. This means you can be back to work the next day with hardly any pain medications.

Dr. Dayan is a frequent lecturer on this topic at prestigious dental congresses such as the Yankee Dental Congress. She was first introduced to this technique at Harvard University more than ten years ago. Since then, she has treated thousands of sites successfully. That not only means scores of healthier smiles, but a perfect safety record. Many patients are so pleased with their experience, that they request additional areas to be treated as well. We pride ourselves on our work and the fact that you and your smile always come first.

A consultation with Dr. Dayan will determine if AlloDerm® is the solution for you.
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