AlloDerm® for Gum Recession

AlloDerm® for Gum Recession

Regenerative Gum Surgery with AlloDerm®

Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from disease, sensitivity and produces a great smile.  Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, results in root exposure and loss of protection.  In addition, gum recession can cause a feeling of embarrassment if it is noticeable when smiling and speaking.

Traditional techniques to treat gum recession involve harvesting tissue from the patient’s palate.  AlloDerm® is a regenerative material that offers an alternative to traditional grafting techniques.  

  • helps transform your own cells into healthy tissue
  •  accelerated healing
  • more comfortable
  • blends beautifully with your own tissue
  • Multiple sites can be treated at once, saving you time and extra visits

Improved Patient Experience

Dr. Dayan has used this minimally invasive technique since 2004 and has treated several thousand cases of gum recession with successful results. Our patients are so pleased that they often request additional areas to be treated. Take a moment to look at our results to see the beautiful outcomes

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Root Coverage with Emdogain/AlloDerm®: A new way to treat gingival recessions
Root Coverage with Emdogain/AlloDerm: A new way to treat gingival recessions
Treatment of gingival recession with coronally advanced flap combined with connective tissue graft/AlloDerm®: A systematic review
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