Correction of Tongue-Tie

Tongue -Tie (Ankyloglossia) is a condition present at birth that can restrict the full movement of the tongue.  The tongue is the primary muscle for nasal breathing, clearing food from the teeth and swallowing, as well as speech.  
In previous years, midwives often swept underneath the tongue of a newborn to untether the tongue because they knew the importance of having a free tongue for easy latching and breast feeding. Today, we can use lasers or a minor surgical procedure to release the tongue.  Dr. Dayan will determine the best approach after examination.
If you notice that your baby has trouble breast-feeding, if a speech-language pathologist thinks that your child’s speech is affected by tongue-tie, if your child is a restless sleeper or is hyperactive, if you are breathing through your mouth instead of your nose, call us at 310-205-0900 to schedule an exam with Dr. Sharona Dayan today.  
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