Expert Care for Pregnancy, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

Expert Care for Pregnancy, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

Treatment that looks at you as a whole

The oral-system interconnection is not a new idea. Even in ancient Greece, it was observed the oral infections may lead to secondary infections in other parts of the body.  

Specific parts of our bodies cannot be treated in vacuum; care and consideration must be taken to look at the person as a whole, particularly those who have chronic health conditions or for pregnant women who require care that minimizes risk to the fetus. 

Dr. Dayan has given over thirty lectures at state and national conferences on the topics of diabetics, surgical treatment of periodontal diseases, and the oral/systemic interconnection. 

Expertise and Comprehensive Care

At Aurora Periodontal Care, we treat you as a whole individual with  a focus on your overall wellness. We give careful consideration to the relationship between your oral health and overall physical health.  Dr. Dayan gives careful consideration to how any treatments will impact any pre-existing conditions and chooses the most effective and least invasive procedures.

During her time at Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dr. Dayan provided care for medically complex patients needing oral care in a hospital setting.  She worked in close collaboration with oncologists and Dana Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center for oral management of complications associated with cancer treatment.  In addition, she has advanced training from the Center for Advanced Dental Education in microsurgical techniques and minimally invasive surgeries for soft tissue regeneration. 

Dr. Dayan has provided over thirty lectures nationally on the role of overall health and periodontal disease.  Dr. Dayan has also participated in additional continuing education focused on health such as:

  • Top Selling Dietary Supplements: What the Dental Team Should Know
  • Women’s Health Across the Lifespan
  • Women’s Health: A Guide to Wellness
  • The Fire Within: The Consequences of Chronic Inflammation
  • The Role of Environment in Human Health

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