Cardiovascular Health and Periodontal Disease

Cardiovascular Health and Periodontal Disease

More than 85 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease while more than 200 million American adults have periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease can lead to sustained infection and impact the heart. 

A large body of research indicates that the basis for the relationship between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease is thought to be inflammation, which is the body’s initial response to any injury.  Chronic inflammation is harmful and can cause tissue loss.  Inflammation causes blood vessels to swell, reducing blood flow and increasing the risk of clots. 

Chronic inflammation can negatively impact all organs and tissues of the body.  Inflammation is often the common link between chronic diseases for those who are aging.  Research has suggested that by managing the inflammatory burden of one disease, it can help reduce the risk for the other.  This means that treating gum disease lessens the burden on the heart. 

Periodontal disease appears to be associated with a 19% increase in risk of future cardiovascular disease.  Due to the high number of Americans with some form of periodontal disease, this increase of 19%
may have a profound public health impact.

For those with existing heart conditions, periodontal disease can exacerbate existing heart issues.  

Aurora Periodontal Can Help

Given the link between periodontal disease and heart health, it is important to receive effective treatment.  Treatment itself is not enough; treatment must be successful to have a positive impact. 

We specialize in individuals with chronic conditions and look at the whole picture.  Dr. Dayan has received advanced education in the perio-cardio connection and is an expert in treating periodontal disease for those who have health issues. 

Dr. Dayan will work  to determine the optimal treatment for you, working closely with your cardiologist whenever necessary.  

Dr. Dayan and her clinical team at Aurora Periodontal have effective and minimally invasive methods of treating periodontal disease.  This means faster healing, less discomfort, and less risk to your overall health. 

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