Periodontal Cleanings and Preventative Care

Periodontal Cleanings and Preventative Care

Keep Your Smile Beautiful!

Over time, your teeth and gums may be affected by various diseases of the mouth. The best way to stave off infections, gum recession and tooth loss is to have regular checkups and dental cleanings. Preventative care of your teeth and gums will preserve your original smile for much longer than those who forgo regular dental cleanings and preventative care.

Advanced Methods for Dental Hygiene

Come visit us at Aurora Periodontal Care, where our friendly and experienced hygiene team offers preventative cleanings for the entire family. We take a thorough history at every visit so we can make the appropriate recommendations for your periodontal health.

Your hygiene visits also include a complimentary cancer screening evaluation.

One of our specialties is women’s periodontal needs during pregnancy and other times of hormonal fluctuations. Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing inflammation in the gums, which lead to redness and sensitivity. During this time, gums may tend to bleed. This is called “pregnancy gingivitis” and will increase in severity with each passing month.

We also offer laser assisted cleanings to treat bleeding gums and bad breath.  The benefits of cleanings and regular exams are numerous:

  • prevent decay
  • brighten your smile
  • freshen your breath
  • prevent infection and promote the healing of gums
  • prevent potential tooth loss

What does the treatment involve?

During a regular cleaning, your dental hygienist will clear away plaque, calculus, and any debris at or above your gum line.

For a periodontal deep cleaning, your dentist will numb you with a local anesthetic. All the plaque, calculus, and debris from below your gum line will be removed, and the roots of any infected teeth will be smoothed and planed to eliminate bacteria.  A laser may be used to treat bleeding gums and bad breath.  An antibiotic may also be prescribed to help your body fight the infection.

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