Treatment of Gum Recession Using AlloDerm and a Minimally Invasive Technique

Gum -Surgery -Receding- Gums- Before- After- Picture

Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from disease, sensitivity and produces a great smile.  Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, results in root exposure and loss of protection.  In addition, gum recession can cause a feeling of embarrassment if it is noticeable when smiling and speaking.

AlloDerm® is a regenerative material that offers an alternative to traditional grafting techniques.  Since a second surgical site is avoided, the healing is more comfortable than traditional techniques.  And best of all, it blends beautifully with your own tissue.  Once it heals you can hardly tell it was ever there.  Dr. Dayan applies AlloDerm® with a minimallly invasive technique that produces great results.  Many patients request additional sites to be treated after they experience the first result.  If you are experiencing gum recession, call us today to schedule an exam with Dr. Sharona Dayan, (310) 205-0900.

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