Periodontal Disease Can Increase The Risk of Pneumonia

Periodontal Disease Can Increase The Risk of Pneumonia

A recent symposium sponsored by Philips Oral Healthcare featured Dr. Frank Scannapieco, PHD, DMD,  the chairman of the department of oral biology at University of Buffalo, NY.  Dr. Scannapieco reviewed recent clinical trials that suggest that bacteria from dental plaque can colonize the lungs and contribute to pneumonia in ventilated patients.  Bacteria recovered from dental plaque were genetically identical to the bacteria in the lung fluids of infected patients.

Improved oral hygiene using the Oral B Electirc Toothbrush can help reduce the risk for pneumonia in patients who are mechanically ventilated or who live in nursing homes.  Dentures are a big reservoir for plaque and bacteria and should be removed during sleep to prevent pneumonia events.

At Aurora Periodontal Care we suggest regular check ups and dental cleanings  to keep the body as healthy as possible.  There is more and more evidence that periodontal disease affects general health.  We  offer dental teeth cleanings as well as laser LANAP periodontal services for the treatment of bleeding gums and periodontal disease.  If you or a loved one are in need of a cleaning or other preventative services please call us at 781-894-3223.

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