The Musings Of A Dentist On The Day Elvis Presley Was Born

Elvis Presley: A Legend With The Most Beautiful Smile
Elvis Presley was born on January 08, 1935.   If we follow in his footsteps we can catch a glimpse of a young boy who grew up "broke, damn broke" as he remembered.  His family lived in a public housing unit with one room for $35 per month.  They were a close family and regular church-goers.  Elvis drew his inspration from gospel and country and blues music.  His mother liked to tell how "when Elvis was just a little fellow, not more than two years old, he would slide down off my lap in church, run into the aisle and scramble up to the platform. There he would stand looking at the choir and trying to sing with them. He was too little to know the words... but he could carry the tune and he would watch their faces and try to do as they did."
(Excerpt From: Peter Guralnick. "Last Train to Memphis")
Elvis was shy and dreamy and was often taunted by his schoolmates.  They threw rotten fruits at him on the playground.  His eleventh birthday present was a guitar that he lovingly carried to school every day.  During the one hour lunch break he practiced playing guitar and singing.  Considered an outsider, who sang "hillbilly music" his older schoolmates took his guitar one day and cut all the strings.  His classmates pitched in to buy him another guitar.  Elvis continued to make the one thing that mattered to him most: music.
Elvis Presley

Elvis was "crazy  about music".  At the age of 18 he hitchhiked 240 miles with just a dime in his pocket to enter a Country Music contest.   Through hard work and dedication to his passion he became an overnight sensation by the age of 22.  Now considered a legend in American culture, his Graceland house in Memphis is visited by 600,000 tourists annually, second only to the White House.

Elvis had beautiful teeth and a charismatic smile that won the hearts of millions around the world.  He had a small space between his front teeth that made him feel self conscious and he asked his dentist in Memphis, Dr Weiss, to make him a crown to close the gap.  The crown was so attractive that Dr Weiss had an extra one made to keep in the office in case the crown chipped.  In February of 1971, Elvis cracked his crown on a microphone while performing at the International Hotel, currently known as the Hilton Hotel - Las Vegas. Dr. Weiss' son flew a replacement crown to Las Vegas.
Elvis has sung some of our country's most beautiful ballads, including the one featured in this video, "You Are Always On My Mind".  I hope you will join me in celebrating his birth, his charismatic smile and the many gifts he gave to the world.

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