Having Thin Gums Can Cause A Receding Gum Line

Having Thin Gums Can Cause A Receding Gum Line

There are many reasons for patients to have gum recession. Having a thin biotype (thin gum tissue that covers the root areas of the teeth) is one of the main causes of gum recession. Thin gums can be treated with a gum graft that does not involve the palate. AlloDerm® is a grafting material to treat receding gum lines and has been used in the dental and medical fields for years. AlloDerm® allows the surgeon to mold and contour the graft to achieve a natural aesthetic result.

The use of AlloDerm® in treating thin and receding gum lines results in a smooth surface with excellent root coverage, and converts the thin gums to more normal gums.

Please refer to the gum graft surgery pictures above to see the great results that Dr. Dayan can  achieve by doing a dental surgery for a receding gum line without the palate.

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