Why One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection is Beneficial for Patients with Early-Onset Gum Disease

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What is One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection (OSFM)?
For patients with bleeding gums and inflammation, our profession recommends a thorough cleaning under the gum line (also known as "deep cleaning") in combination with antimicrobial irrigation. The One-Stage Full-Mouth disinfection therapy (OSFM) for treating Early-Onset Gum Disease involves scaling and root planing of all pockets within a single session in combination with chlorhexidine application to intraoral niches for 2 months.

In our office, we use laser assisted technology to help us get even better and faster results. Most patients see a benefit within one day of treatment, and tell us that their gums no longer bleed when they brush and floss. This is because our lasers are designed to specifically ablate periodontal bacteria: passing unabsorbed by healthy cells and instead targeting and annihilating pigmented pathogenic bacteria.

What are the benefits?
Strong evidence drawn from periodontal clinical research literature indicates that the One-Stage Full-Mouth disinfection method, when compared to a staged quadrant per quadrant therapy over multiple sessions, results in significant additional microbial improvements. These studies determined One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection to be the definitively superior protocol for deep cleaning by way of the checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization technique, which permits scientists to evaluate a large number of pathogenic microbiota implicated in gum disease.

This means that if you are in need of deep cleaning for treatment of early-onset gum disease, opting for One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection (OSFM) as opposed to the quadrant per quadrant therapy done in multiple sessions will provide markedly better results, even after 8 months. What's more, we carry out the disinfection within a single session rather than multiple quadrant per quadrant sessions. If you are in need of thorough cleaning beyond the gum line for treatment of Early-Onset Gum Disease, Dr. Dayan strongly recommends One-Stage Full-Mouth Disinfection (OSFM) because of our outstanding results and convenience for the patient.

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At Aurora Periodontal Care we suggest regular check ups and dental cleanings  to keep the body as healthy as possible.  There is more and more evidence that periodontal disease affects general health.  We offer dental teeth cleanings as well as laser LANAP periodontal services for the treatment of bleeding gums and periodontal disease.  If you or a loved one are in need of a cleaning or other preventative services please call us at 781-894-3223.

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